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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Eurythmics : Missionary Man

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Eurythmics : Missionary Man (Custom CDS)
(1987) 128 kbps / MP3 Format

1. Missionary Man (Album Version)
2. Missionary Man (Dance Mix)
3. Missionary Man (Live - Seattle 2000)
4. Take Your Pain Away (Disconet Mix)
5. Thorn In My Side (Houston Mix)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Delerium : Innocente

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Delerium : Innocente (CDM)
(2001) 192 kbps : MP3 Format

1. Innocente (DJ Tiesto Remix)
2. Innocente (MR SAM's The Space Between Us Remix)
3. Innocente (Deep Dish Gladiator Remix)(UK Edit)
4. Innocente (Lost Witness Remix)
5. Innocente (Album Version Edit)

LaBouche : Sweet Dreams

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LaBouche : Sweet Dreams (CDS)
(1996) 192 kbps / MP3 Format

1. Sweet Dreams (Radio Edit 1)
2. Sweet Dreams (Radio Edit 2)

Whitney Houston : Step By Step

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Whitney Houston : Step By Step (Custom CDS)
(1996) 192 kbps / MP3 Format

1. Step By Step (Album Version)
2. Step By Step (Soul Solution Diva Vocal)
3. Step By Step (Junior Vasquez Arena Anthem)
4. Step By Step (Soul Solution Bass & Drum Dub)

Whitney Houston : I Will Always Love You

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Whitney Houston : I Will Always Love You (Custom CDS)
(2000) Variable kbps : MP3 Format

1. I Will Always Love You (Album Version)
2. I Will Always Love You (Hex Hector Mix)
3. I Will Always Love You (Sielce Records Mix)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Aaliyah : Are You That Somebody?

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Aaliyah : Are You That Somebody (Custom CDS)
(1998) Variable kbps / MP3 Format

1. Are You That Somebody? (Album Version)
2. Are You That Somebody? (featuring superfriendz) (Remix)
3. Are You That Somebody? (BM Dubs Original Mix)
4. Are You That Somebody? (AKS US Flavor Mix)

Kina : Girl From the Gutter

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Kina : Girl From the Gutter (CDS)
(2000) 192 kbps / MP3 Format

1. Girl From the Gutter (Album Version)
2. Stop
3. Girl From the Gutter (Thunderpuss Club Mix)

Prince : Batdance

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Prince : Batdance (CDS)
(1989) Variable kbps / MP3 Format

1. Batdance (The Batmix)
2. Batdance (Vicki Vale Mix)
3. 200 Balloons
4. Batman (DMC Mix)

(More track information from WikiPedia):
"Batdance" is a song by Prince, from the 1989 Batman soundtrack. Helped by the film's popularity, the song reached number one in the U.S., becoming Prince's fourth number-one single, and first since 1986's "Kiss." On Aug. 5, 1989, it knocked Martika's "Toy Soldiers" out of the top spot, but was quickly replaced by Richard Marx ("Right Here Waiting") the very next week. When "Batdance took over the No. 1 spot, another movie soundtrack hit, Bobby Brown's "On Our Own" (from "Ghostbusters 2") was in the runner-up position. "Batdance" was Prince's first single to be issued on compact disc in the U.S.

"Batdance" was a last-minute replacement for a brooding track titled "Dance with the Devil," which Prince felt was too dark. Incidentally, though "Dance with the Devil" remains unreleased, some of the lyrics appear on the album's liner notes.

"Batdance" is almost two songs in one—a chaotic, mechanical dance beat that changes gears into a slinky, funky groove before changing back for the song's conclusion. The track is an amalgam of many musical ideas floating around at the time. No fewer than six songs (some unreleased) contributed to "Batdance": "200 Balloons," "We Got the Power," "House in Order," "Rave Unto the Joy Fantastic," "The Future," and "Electric Chair," and last but not least the 1966 "Batman Theme" by Neal Hefti. Some of these were mere snippets, and other segments showed up only in remixes of the track. The song was also loaded with dialog samples from the film.

The B-side to the single was "200 Balloons," which was recorded for the film and serves as the musical blueprint for the main portion of "Batdance." The song was rejected for the film by Tim Burton and replaced by "Trust." Ironically, the lyrics of "200 Balloons" fit the scene in the film much better than the replacement track. Prince did little more than replace the lyrics of "200 Balloons" in its transition into "Batdance." Some lyrics even survived the transition, and more showed up in "The Batmix." "200 Balloons" also contains samples of "Rave Unto the Joy Fantastic," another song submitted for inclusion in the movie, but rejected (it was replaced by "Partyman").

The 12" single and some CD versions of the single included two remixes of "Batdance" that were done by Mark Moore and William Orbit, "The Batmix" and "Vicki Vale Mix." "The Batmix" focuses on the chaotic "rock" section of "Batdance," and is supplemented with electronic distortion and sampling of voices and instruments. It contains a few new lyrics, as well as more samples of "Rave Unto the Joy Fantastic." The "Vicki Vale Mix" is an extension of the middle part of "Batdance," which includes most of the movie dialog. Prince also adds further lyrics to this version.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Eurythmics : Touch Dance

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Eurythmics : Touch Dance (EP)
(1984) 192 kbps / MP3 Format

1. The First Cut
2. Cool Blue
3. Paint a Rumour
4. Regrets
5. The First Cut (Instrumental)

6. Cool Blue (Instrumental)
7. Paint a Rumour (Instrumental)

Natasha Bedingfield : Love Like This

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Natasha Bedingfield : Love Like This (CDM)
(2008) Variable kbps / MP3 Format

1. Love Like This (ft. Sean Kingston) (Album Version)
2. Love Like This (Sandy Rivera Radio Mix)

3. Love Like This (Sandy Rivera Mix)
4. Love Like This (Johnny Vicios Club)
5. Love Like This (Johnny Vicios Club Mix)
6. Love Like This (Johnny Vicios Warehouse)
7. Love Like This (Johnny Vicios Main Dub)

Prince : The Future

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Prince : The Future
(1990) 128 kbps / MP3 Format

1. The Future (Remix)
2. Electric Chair (Remix)

(More Track Information from WikiPedia):
"The Future" is a song from Prince's 1989 Batman soundtrack, and the final single released from the album. The single was not the album version, but rather a remix by William Orbit, and released as a single only in Europe. The 7" single was backed with the album version of "Electric Chair," but on the maxi-single, "Electric Chair" was also remixed by Orbit. Both 12-inch remixes add little to the originals, although "The Future" becomes more of a house-record than a Batman tune. Unfortunately, neither the pop charts or the dance floors reacted well to the remixes, and the single charted in only one country. As a result, this would be the last time Orbit would work with Prince for several years.

"Electric Chair", was recorded well before the album concept had begun, being cut in June 1988. Despite this, it fits well into the theme of the movie, and evokes the Joker's madness. The track blends hard rock and funk with a loud, booming drum machine pattern, and aggressive bass and lead guitar wailing throughout. The bridge combines a funky, percussive bass line with a meshed guitar synth phrase.

The LP version of "The Future" features the sampled strings of Clare Fischer lifted from the then unreleased 1986 track "Crystal Ball," and samples of the Sounds of Blackness choir. The song is rather menacing, evoking the theme of the film. The lyrics speak of a bleak future, recalling Gotham City, and that it needs "spirituality that will last."

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Taylor Dayne : Whatever You Want

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Taylor Dayne : Whatever You Want (CDM)
(2005) 128 kbps / MP3 Format

1. Whatever You Want (Colin & Lorimer Album Version)
2. Whatever You Want (Colin & Lorimer Mix)
3. Whatever You Want (Colin & Lorimer Dub)
4. Whatever You Want (Soul Solution Vocal Anthem)
5. Whatever You Want (Soul Solution Bonus Beats)
6. Whatever You Want (Boris & Beck Dub)
7. Whatever You Want (Soul Solution Radio Edit)

Prince : The Arms of Orion

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Prince : The Arms of Orion (CDS)
(1989) 128 kbps / MP3 Format

1. The Arms of Orion (LP Version)
2. Love U In Me
3. The Arms of Orion (Edit)

(More Track Information from WikiPedia:)
"The Arms of Orion" is a slow, romantic duet by Prince and Sheena Easton from the 1989 Batman soundtrack. Released after "Batdance" and "Partyman" had both gone top 20 in UK/U.S. charts, the single never made it past 36 on Billboard's Hot 100. "The Arms of Orion" is a tender but somewhat melodramatic ballad that is accompanied mainly by the piano. Synthesizers also play a strong role throughout the song, programmed to emulate a string section. The track also uses a subdued drum machine loop, and samples of rain and thunder. The lyrics allude to the constellation of Orion, implying that the arms of the figure in the sky are wide enough to hold him and his lover together, although the lovers are far apart.


Eurythmics : Angel

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Eurythmics : Angel (Custom CDS)
(1999) 128 kbps / MP3 Format

1. Angel (Album Version)
2. Angel (Choir Version)
3. Sweet Dreams (Nightmare Mix)
4. We Two Are One (Demo Version)